Top 5 Non-Fiction Reads

I’ve read so much women’s fiction and YA lately, and I needed a break. Not that there is anything wrong with those genres, because I love them, but I missed non-fiction. I used to read it all the time when I was in college.I went through a phase where I was obsessed with it – mostly reading about China. I couldn’t get enough of the country, its culture, its history. I dreamed of going there – seeing the places I had read about. But I have still never gone. (Having a soy allergy might put a damper on things when it comes to food). And who knows if I ever will? The books I read took me there. Isn’t that reading is supposed to do?

In the picture, you can see that 3 of my 5 favorites relate to China.

So, what makes these 5 my favorites? I think because they’ve stuck with me all of this time. It’s been a while since I’ve read them, yet I still picture them clearly. I remember them. They struck a chord with me, and they mean something to me.

I recently bought Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie Le Duff. I’m half-way through and am engrossed. It’s not a happy tale. It’s rather frightening actually – to read about a crumbling city trying its best to keep it together all the while following the plight of its people who are struggling. Although I’m only 75% finished, I recommend it. It’s worth reading – to discover what is happening in our very own country.

I enjoy reading non-fiction because it makes me aware. It educates me. Will I divert back to reading it all the time? No, I still love a good YA novel or chick lit. And lately I’m loving mysteries. I need to escape sometimes, and those genres do that for me. But nonfiction is still a part of me.

What are your favorite nonfiction reads?