This week’s recommendations…

This week’s recommendations…

Looking for a good mystery to read? Maybe fantasy is your favorite genre? Or, perhaps you’d rather watch a heartwarming TV show? Whatever the case, I have some recommendations for you. Do you love a good mystery? Who doesn’t? I love the suspense of trying to figure out “who done it.” I love staying up all hours reading page after page because I’m dying to know what is going to happen next. I read these three books some time ago. They were great reads—the type of books that kept me up late at night because I just had to know what would happen. If you enjoy mysteries, give these a try: The Virgin of the Small Plains and The Scent of Rain and Lightning written by Nancy Pickard, and Sweeping up the Glass written by Carolyn Wall.

I love heartwarming television shows. Nothing is better than a show that makes me cry because something remarkably beautiful and tender has happened with the characters. I recently started watching Heartland on Netflix. This is such a sweet show. I love the characters. This is a well-written family drama with a rich storyline. I’m completely hooked and am sad that Netflix doesn’t have the newest season available. Give it a try.

I’m currently reading Wander Dust written by Michelle Warren. This is not the genre I normally read. I’m so glad I broke out of my mold and gave this book a chance. I’m almost finished and can’t wait to read the sequel – Protecting Truth. I am loving Warren’s writing style – she makes me feel like I’m right there with each character. Each chapter leaves me wanting more. It’s so good, and I recommend you give it a try.

That’s it for this week’s recommendations. Enjoy:)