Recipe For A Happy Life

So often I’ll hear people complain about various things. And, coming from my perspective, it’s sometimes hard to be empathetic because so much of what “we” (the human race) complain about is small stuff. We spend our days worrying about things that just aren’t significant if you look at the big picture. Let me preface and say I am not a Yoda filled with wisdom, but when you know your days are numbered you really start to look at life from a completely different perspective: one who thinks only of the present moment and sees each day as a gift. That said, I’d thought I’d give my two cents about a recipe for a happy life. Rule number one: eat cheesecake. If you don’t like cheesecake, find another dessert you really enjoy and eat it at least once, if not twice, a month. IE) Don’t deprive yourself of the good things in life. What this may be is up to you. If that means splurging on a pedicure (love these), eating something decadent, or planning an outing with a friend, just do it!

Rule number two: spend time with people you care about. If you’re itching to see a good friend, call them and make a plan to see each other. Often, people will use the excuse that they “are too busy” to make plans with friends. Make the time. If you’re too busy for enjoyment, then you’re doing something wrong.

Rule number three: take pride in your work but leave it at work when you’re at home. A job is a job is a job. It should not dictate your life. If it is, you need to reavaluate your social life and your priorities.

Rule number four: tell the people you care about that you love them. We, as humans, need to hear that we’re loved. Tell your favorite, closest peeps you care about them. Surprise them with a gift. It’ll make their day, and they are likely to pay it forward. I know I’ve been showered with gifts this year, and I always make a point to pay it forward to someone else: joy is brought to me, and I want to bring joy to someone else. It’s amazing how it’ll make you feel to do something kind for someone.

Rule number five: life is too short to be so angry. If someone or something is making you mad, evaluate if it matters enough to confront the issue or person. If you can’t confront the issue or person, then it isn’t important, so why are you letting it fester?

Rule number six: find the good in the bad. Okay, this one is difficult to do, but as the cliche saying goes, if you are given lemons, make lemonade. There’s always something positive in a bad situation. Dig hard, and you’ll find it.

Rule number seven: listen, really listen. Whether it’s listening to birds chirping, blaring your favorite tune, or hearing a friend tell you how their day was, take the time to sit back and listen.

Rule number eight: pray or mediate. For me, I find talking to God every day very comforting. If you’re more of a spiritual person, meditating may be more up your alley.

Rule number nine: be thankful. Be grateful. Say at least one thing you are thankful for each day. It’ll make you happy and help you appreciate what you have.

Rule ten: Go outside, travel… explore. If you want to go somewhere, save the money and plan a trip. I’ll hear people say they’re planning to travel when they retire. No, no and no! Go while you’re young and healthy. You never know what the future may hold, so do the things you want to do now.