Teaser #4 Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

This is the last teaser I’ll be posting. Kiss Me Hard Before You Go releases May 14th. That’s less than one week away! Here’s the last peek before its release.

They rode in silence for several minutes as she drove toward her home, and the music from the radio was the only sound heard. Evie looked out of the corner of her eye and caught Finch studying her.

She felt self-conscious, feeling the weight of his gaze on her. “What are you looking at?” she asked. Irritation filled her to the core.

“You shouldn’t do that.” He gestured with his head to the tip of the fingernail she had in her mouth.

She quit chewing on it. Her nails were down to the quick, blood crept underneath most of them.

“Why do you care?” she hissed, hating herself for asking him that question but she was dying to know.

“I don’t. It’s just…” he said, searching for the right word, “gross.”

That wasn’t what she was expecting him to say. “Well, so is smoking,” she replied, feeling triumphant for being quick with her cut down.

“It is,” he agreed. “Good thing I don’t do it,” he said with a smirk.

Evie’s confidence quickly faltered.

“You gnaw on your nails like that on a date, and no guy will ever kiss that mouth of yours.” He sat back against the seat and folded his arms behind his head.

She gasped and then gritted her teeth. Her hands gripped onto the steering wheel. “You’re just, just…” she couldn’t find the right words. She was too incensed. “Rude! You’re rude,” she said with more certainty. “The rudest person I’ve ever met!”