What’s on your desk?

This is an example of what sits on my desk. I’d show you the rest of my desk but the big stack of papers and overall mess may frighten you. I’m not that tidy. All I need when I’m working is a place to type, a comfortable chair and some cool things to look at. This little guy was made by my friend, Sarah Mandell. She’s a renaissance woman of sorts: she writes, felts, and designs jewelry (check out onceagainsam at etsy). If only I could be that talented. So why the T Rex? Well…. there’s a story there.

I try to run. I emphasize the word “try.” When I do run (senior citizens usually beat me), I hold my arms up to my chest and drop my hands down, letting them dangle loosely. To me, it’s aerodynamics – it’s physics – less exertion equals a much longer run and a faster pace. Maybe that’s not the case, but I like to believe it is.

My husband has seen the sad spectacle of me running and says that I look like T Rex. I came home one day to find this little guy sitting on my desk. Check out the sign on the back of him – you’ll see my name and numbers, like he’s running a marathon. A good sense of humor is required in my household.

Every time I look at T Rex, I chuckle. A little laughing never hurt anyone and it really brightens my day. It’s the perfect desk accessory.


  • Sarah on Jul 25, 2012

    That is so cute! My desk has a stress pig on it

    • admin on Jul 25, 2012

      Thanks. The talented Sarah Mandell made it.

  • Teresa Roche on Jul 13, 2012

    What a sweet hubby you have! Love Sarah’s T-Rex!! How is the writing going?

    • admin on Jul 13, 2012

      Thanks, T. Yes, he is sweet isn’t he:) The writing is going well. Still working hard on the sequel.

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