Classic Films You Should Watch

Growing up, my mom would subject me to countless viewings of her favorite films. Most of these films included her favorite actress Sandra Dee. I make it sound like punishment don’t I? Like it was pure misery. Really, it wasn’t. It just made things a little awkward when I knew who Sandra Dee was, and no one else my age did. You’re probably saying, “who the heck is Sandra Dee?” She was a popular young actress from the 50s and 60s, and I’ve seen all of her films. That would be Mom’s fault – she’s the culprit. Mom was such a hardcore fan, and she wanted me to see the movies that she enjoyed watching growing up. Honestly, I like most of these films, and now when I see them it’s become that whole “I’m filled with warm and fuzzy thoughts, boy isn’t this nostalgic” type of feeling. Here’s a few that I still enjoy watching and you may too.

I’ve seen this film too many times to count: A Summer Place starring Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. I can still hum the tune from the soundtrack – it’s so catchy. This is an oldie (from the 1960s) but was considered very scandalous for its time (not so scandalous now). The acting isn’t the best, but I don’t care. I love it even if it is a little cheesy. Check out that lead actor, he was a cutie. The storyline isn’t bad and watching the two characters fall in love is enjoyable. You’ll have to watch the movie to learn what the scandal is.

Imitation of Life is a bittersweet story. It’s about mother/daughter relationships. I just love this 1950s classic. The ending makes me cry like a baby. When you watch the film, you’ll know why.

First, let me clarify—Sandra Dee was the original Gidget, not Sally Field. This is a cute movie about a girl who learns how to surf and falls in love along the way.

Next time you’re bored and are in the mood to see something different, rent one of these classic Sandra Dee films. Sure they’re older than dirt, but they’re very entertaining, and are great to watch on a lazy day.