It’s the Holiday Season

Every time I say that phrase I think of Andy Williams’ song, Happy Holidays. I love that song! His voice, the upbeat tempo, well, all of it. Williams was way before my time, but I’m still a huge fan. I love to hear him sing Christmas tunes… makes me feel warm and fuzzy and ready to celebrate. Playing Williams’ songs are just a small part of my holiday traditions. Another tradition in my household is watching (or rewatching) favorite holiday movies.

It’s fun to dig through the closet and find those dust covered DVDs and plop them in the DVD player, so that I can hear favorite phrases and see memorable characters embrace the holiday or the meaning of Christmas. One of my absolute favorites is It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve actually met a few people that have not seen this movie! How could they miss out on the lovable George Bailey? This movie makes me cry like a baby. I just love the ending of this film – a great depiction of love, of people coming together to help someone that they care about.

Another favorite of mine is The Family Stone. Okay, so the ending makes me incredibly sad, and I cry my eyes out, but I love the family in this movie. They’re so realistic and dysfunctional, but love each other with all of their hearts. The blossoming romance in this movie is a plus, and even though the ending is heartbreaking, it leaves you with hope and  you know that everything is going to be all right. Such a great movie!

An oldie but a goodie, I love While You Were Sleeping. I love the family in this movie (see a pattern here?). They’re so accepting and loving, and gush, gush, Bill Pullman is a little cutie in this film. The romance between his character and Sandra Bullock’s character is sweet and fun. And the ending? Well, again, I cry every time I see it. It’s a happily ever after ending where you know the characters are going to be okay because love conquers all!