Teaser #2 for Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

It’s Teaser Thursday! Here’s another peek at Kiss Me Hard Before You Go, releasing May 14th!

Finch stood at the top, tightening one of the bolts with a wrench. He turned his gaze in their direction. Evie shot him a dirty look. He responded with an arrogant smirk and stifled a laugh.

“Is this one ready to ride?” Gray asked Finch.

“She is, but this is a kiddie ride,” he said to Gray.

“It is?” Gray said.

“Yeah. There’s a weight and height limit,” he said and peered over at Evie. “She should be okay, though.”

Evie tried ignoring his snide comment. She hated being petite, and he had just pointed out the obvious – that she was small enough to ride a kid’s ride. Just what every eighteen-year-old girl wants to hear.

Gray gave a look of disappointment and frowned.

“We don’t have to ride this. I’ll ride that spinny thing over there.” She pointed to The Whirly Twirl. She gulped loudly and hoped her dad didn’t notice. Finch heard her loud and clear. It was the last thing she wanted to get on, but she’d make this one exception for her dad. Five minutes of pure hell and the aftermath of throwing up would be the penance for trying to make her dad happy, but she’d do it. She’d do it for him.

“Nah. You go on ahead and ride this. It’ll be fun,” he said and nudged her on the arm.

“That’s okay.” She shook her head slowly, spun on her heels and started down the ramp.

“If she’s scared, I can promise you this is one of the safest rides we have.” Finch stood up and placed the wrench in his jeans pocket.

She turned around quickly and glared at him. “I’m not scared,” she said defensively. She was high up off the ground, but frightened of a stupid slide? He made her sound like a timid weakling. Who was afraid to ride a slide? Toddlers rode slides. She was an adult. She could glide down a slide. No problem. She jerked the sack from his hand and plopped down, pushing herself off.

She slid down and reached the bottom before Gray had walked down the ramp.

“How was it?” Gray called down to her.

“Great. I had so much fun, I think I’ll ride it again,” she said, looking up at Finch. His arms were folded against his chest, and his eyebrow was cocked. She wanted to punch that cocky look off his face.

“Have fun. I’m gonna go ride some of these rides.” Gray rubbed his hands together excitedly. “Can’t wait to get on the ferris wheel.”

Evie stormed up the ramp scowling at Finch the entire time. She had no idea why she was so irritated and why she felt so compelled to prove a point to him. He was under her skin.

“You’re back?” he said, teasing her.

“Humph,” she mumbled. A sassy response escaped her. “I had so much fun I wanted to ride it again,” she lied. Okay, so the slide wasn’t scary, but fun? No. Entertaining to toddlers and six-year-olds maybe but definitely not worth another trip.

“Well if you liked all the excitement this ride offers, Laura Ingalls, you should probably go on that one.” He pointed to the compact fire trucks that were bolted down to a rotating platform moving as fast as a turtle. “I hear it’s a thrill of a ride.” He flashed a sarcastic smile.

She glowered at him. “My name is Evie, not Laura Ingalls. How would you like it if I called you Jerk Face?” She quickly plopped down and pushed herself off, hearing him laugh her entire way down.