Remember these?

I do. I had a pair just like them (and they’re way cooler than those lame-o roller blades that everyone skates on now). I would skate in my driveway while listening to Olivia Newton-John on my boombox. (A radio with only a tape player. CD players weren’t invented yet, and if they were, they probably cost a bundle). I’d twirl on my wheels, thinking I was the next Dorothy Hamil. I’m sure I looked better in my head than I did in real life. But when you’re a kid, you think you’re the best at everything you do. And really, you don’t care. Roller skating was popular when I was growing up. My elementary school would host “Skate Nights” at the local skating rink once every month. I’d go of course. Everyone did. It was the thing to do, and it was fun skating to the loud music under a glittery disco ball. Aww…Nostalgia.

So, why the post about roller skating? In the book I’m currently writing, roller skating is mentioned in several chapters. It’s set in the late 70s, and skating was at its height of popularity during this time. I’m having a ball writing it and can’t wait for you to read it! I’ll share more about this book in future posts, but thought I’d share a piece of my childhood with you in the meantime.