Feeling nostalgic for the 80s.

To celebrate the new year, my husband and I decided to stay-in and have an 80s movie marathon. We were feeling a little nostalgic for the past, and we knew that watching these “feel good” movies was the best way to bring in the new year.

We started with a personal favorite of mine: The Goonies. I’ve always thought this was a funny movie, but watching it again made me see how humorous the characters are, especially Chunk. From his facial expressions, to his silly antics, he made the movie! All of the characters are lovable and have their own uniqueness that separates them from the rest of the crew. The Goonies is a sweet tale about friendship and going on adventure to save what you love. I’ll be honest, I teared up a little when Chunk told Sloth he could come live with him because he loved him.

Like all great 80s movies, The Goonies has some memorable lines from “Sloth love Chunk” to “Goonies never say die!” I can name more, but that would become redundant. My husband and I are 80s pop culture experts and can quote lines from several films from that era. I’m willing to bet that he and I can say a ton of lines from any John Hughes film made in the 80s.

Speaking of Hughes, we also watched Uncle Buck and Sixteen Candles. I love any 80s era John Hughes film (except Career Opportunities, but I won’t get into that). John Hughes defined the 80s: Pretty in Pink; The Breakfast Club; Some Kind of Wonderful (a favorite of mine); Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc., etc., His movies are funny, resonate with today’s youth and the youth from the past, and have that warm-fuzzy element that I love in a movie. Gosh, do I miss John Hughes.

So, at midnight on January 1, 2013, my husband and I were laughing and feeling good from watching some of the 80s greats. What an awesome way to bring in the new year.