Remember these?

I do. I had a pair just like them (and they’re way cooler than those lame-o roller blades that everyone skates on now). I would skate in my driveway while listening to Olivia Newton-John on my boombox. (A radio with only a tape player. CD players weren’t invented yet, and if they were, they probably cost a bundle). I’d twirl on my wheels, thinking I was the next Dorothy Hamil. I’m sure I looked better in my head than I did in real life. But when you’re a kid, you think you’re the best at everything you do. And really, you don’t care. Read more →

Why I write

When I was a little girl, I would let my imagination run wild. I’d come up with grandiose tales (some heavily influenced by my strange addiction to soap operas) and play Barbies, reenacting the stories I had in my head. The characters I created seemed so real they could have been my friends or my worst enemy. Read more →