The Days Lost

The Days Lost is now available on Amazon!

The Days Lost is now available in print and ebook on!

Advanced Praise for The Days Lost: “I just loved the idea that McCrimmon has come up with. It is different and fun and before long you are so caught up in the story you feel as if you are really there. That is power of a talented author… This story is a must read!” – Mandy, I Read Indie

On the heels of her high school graduation, Ellie Morales is spending her summer vacation in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her dad and brother, Jonah. Having lost their mother only months earlier, all of them are trying to cope with the loss in their own way.

Part routine, part escape, running is Ellie’s way of dealing with her grief. Shortly after sunrise each morning, Ellie and her dog, Bosco, set out for a lengthy run on the path that passes by her house and leads deep into the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains. One fateful morning, Ellie is lead off of the trail and discovers a secret that will change her life, as well as the lives of the family she meets, forever. One member of this mysterious family is Sam Gantry, who seems unlike any guy she’s ever known.

This meeting sparks a series of events, causing Ellie to question everything she’s ever known and believed. The more she learns about Sam and his family, the more she wants to help him find the missing puzzle pieces.


Another Sneak Peek at The Days Lost

Here’s another sneak peek at The Days Lost. Only 5 more days until it releases on!

From Chapter 5

Neither one of them moved. Ellie didn’t want to, and neither did he it seemed. She tilted her head to the side, studying him, trying to make out his features. He mimicked her in return, analyzing her. The sun was facing her and clouded her vision. Still, even if he was illuminated in a sea of light, she could feel his intense eyes staring into hers. If he was dangerous, she was in serious trouble.

Bosco growled, and his teeth were tightly clenched. Ellie spun around. A chestnut colored snake with a tan and pink pattern slithered within inches of her. It’s distinctive yellow tail was pointed up—an indication it was a newborn. It was ready to bite, and its venom could be deadly no matter what age it was.

Ellie swallowed nervously. “Copperhead,” she whispered. She looked down at her feet in horror. Its fangs were so close to her leg she could smell it— the scent of cucumber filled the air. Ellie knew it was only a matter of seconds before the snake struck her. Bosco was trying to protect her, but the more he barked and growled, the more irate the snake became.

It seemed as if it all happened in slow motion. The snake’s fangs clung onto her ankle and wouldn’t let up. The venom instantly shot into her. A burning sensation came over her, and Ellie roared in pain. Anyone within a mile could hear her horrific cries. She cursed in Spanish and screamed again. It was excruciating. The snake had accomplished its mission and slithered under a nearby rock. She peered down at her ankle and grimaced. It was swelling by the second. The heat was unbearable – it was as if she had just stuck her leg in a pot of boiling hot water. She thought cool water would be a reprieve and hobbled toward the lake. She felt warm all over, and her vision was skewed. She gazed down, and the ground appeared as if it were moving. Things were spinning. She swayed back and forth, and it was getting more difficult to maintain her balance. Everything was fading to black, and then she passed out. Her body slammed against the ground.

The Thief ran over and stood by Ellie, staring at her in wonder, and then he looked at Bosco, almost as if he were trying to get permission for what it was he was about to do. Bosco wasn’t barking and watched as the stranger took off his shirt and wrapped it tight around the upper portion of her thigh, creating a tourniquet. Ellie opened her eyes, only slightly, and jumbled her words together.

“Shh,” he whispered. “We’re going to take care of you,” he said soothingly, trying to keep her calm. Her saw her leg, what damage the snake had done, and he knew what could happen if he didn’t act fast.

Ellie looked into his gray eyes as the sunlight beamed behind him, creating a halo effect. Was he an angel? Was this the afterlife? She tried to focus, but her vision was getting worse and everything around her was becoming dark again.

Sneak Peek: The Days Lost

Here’s a sneak peek at The Days Lost

From Chapter 2

Even though the slow beat of drums and the strumming of a guitar blared through her ear phones, another sound was much more prominent and it made her stop still in her tracks. It was the most enchanting music she had ever heard – like an angel in heaven singing. She took off her headphones, unstrapped her Read more →

Cover Reveal for The Days Lost

Here’s the cover for The Days Lost, which is scheduled to be released on December 10th. The cover was illustrated by Sheila Lutringer at

The Days Lost

I did it!!! I finished writing the first draft of my book, The Days Lost. Read more →