NA, define please…

I recently read a review about a Young Adult book where the blogger stated that the book should have been classified as New Adult rather than Young Adult because of the language and sexual content in the book. Hey, wait a minute, I read that book and it was totally YA. The character was in high school. That’s YA, right? Read more →

A Day in the Life…

Recently, I ventured out to the Museum and Library of Confederate History, in Greenville, SC. This was part of my research for my current work in progress. Read more →

Fishing and chocolate chip cookies

Fishing and chocolate chip cookies? Strange mix, I know. These two topics are a part of the research I’ve been doing for my current work in progress. I hope I have you intrigued. Read more →

Classic Films You Should Watch

Growing up, my mom would subject me to countless viewings of her favorite films. Most of these films included her favorite actress Sandra Dee. I make it sound like punishment don’t I? Like it was pure misery. Really, it wasn’t. It just made things a little awkward when I knew who Sandra Dee was, and no one else my age did. Read more →

Out for a Sunday drive

Autumn is here! I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself. It’s my favorite season. I love the cloudless skies, the cool, crisp air and the colorful leaves on the trees.  Read more →

It’s part of the creative process…I promise.


I enjoy taking long walks. For one, it’s exercise and at my age, it’s required. But the real reason I enjoy my treks outside (aside from the absolutely stunning scenery the Palmetto State has to offer) is it’s my time to brainstorm and to create some good old fashioned writing magic. Read more →

Favorite Male Characters

Who are my favorite male characters in books?

Read more →

All Things Coca Cola

If you didn’t already know, I love Coca Cola, a.k.a. Coke or CoCola. In the south, you don’t call it soda, you call it Coke. That’s the chosen beverage above all the rest. Read more →

What’s on your desk?

This is an example of what sits on my desk. I’d show you the rest of my desk but the big stack of papers and overall mess may frighten you. I’m not that tidy. All I need when I’m working is a place to type, a comfortable chair and some cool things to look at.  Read more →

Diners = Heaven

I love diners. It’s that feel of nostalgia they give you, like you’re stepping back in time sitting in a booth across from your honey sharing the same milkshake. There’s so much to love from the red glittery booths and bar stools, to the black and white checkered floors, and of course, the juke box that plays nothing but old tunes. I recently found this gem in Franklin, NC. Read more →