One on One with Authors Leslie Fear and C. D. Hussey

I have the privilege of getting my hands on an ARC of Fear and Hussey’s newest novel, Bayou Grise, scheduled for release on April 14th. I read their first novel, Villere House, last year and loved it. I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed with the sequel, and guess what? I wasn’t. You can read my review here:

Both books are unique in premise. They’re mysterious and fun, different than what’s out right now. For a book to hold my attention and capture my heart it has to encompass a few things: realistic characters, a unique storyline, and a little bit of romance. Fear and Hussey’s books have all three!

I recently had a chit/chat with the authors, because hey, I’m like any reader: when I love a book, I want to ask the author all about it. Basically, I’m a fangirl.

Me: How did you two connect, and what inspired you to write a book together?

Them: “We became friends through a Facebook group: La Luxure.”

(Psst.. social media is how I “met” Fear.)

Me: Where did the idea of Villere House come from?

Them: “I wanted to write a historical book about ghosts and a curse, and initially collaborated with¬† several authors. Hussey got involved because of the New Orleans aspect, and we developed the idea of Villere House together.”

(Pure genius if you ask me).

Me: What’s your process like? How do y’all write a book together? It can’t be easy.

Them: “We create an outline and scenes are written based on it,” says Fear. Hussey says, “And then I edit it to make sure it sounds like the voice of one author.”

Me: What inspired you to write Bayou Grise?

Them: “We enjoyed the Voodoo and mystery aspect of VH, as well as Julien’s character. I wanted to explore a Medium aspect,” says Fear. “I wanted a more accurate take on Zombies, using VooDoo mythology and was interested in moving the setting to another location, so we settled on the Bayou,” says Hussey.

Me: Any plans for future books?

Them: “I’m working on a solo paranormal/romance book,” says Fear. “I’m taking a break from writing (psst.. did y’all know she’s written SEVEN books), but have a Fantasy romance series in the works,” says Hussey.


I highly recommend both Villere House and Bayou Grise. Both are amazing books! You can purchase Villere House here: and here: