In case you missed it…

In case you’re not on my mailing list, I made a couple of important announcements, and I’d like to share them here with you.

The first announcement (I feel like there should be a drum roll or something) is about my newest novel, releasing this May.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to spend the day on a farm helping my friend, Gordon, deworm cattle (a very disgusting process that I won’t elaborate on). Needless to say, that was enough for me and I think I’ll stick to writing. Farming is very hard work, and this city girl isn’t cut out for it. Gordon’s beautiful farm provided me with inspiration for Kiss Me Hard Before You Go, my latest novel scheduled for release on May 14th of this year. I had so much fun writing this story, and if y’all love the 1970s, a good romance, and a heartfelt message about acceptance and finding family where you least expect it, then this is the book for you. There will be more information to come in my newsletter next month, and one month before its release, I’ll post the 1st chapter on my website

The 2nd announcement is about Finn and Jesse from Graceville.

I’m happy to report that there will be a 3rd book for Finn and Jesse, titled: Serving Pie in Graceville. I’ve missed the characters from Graceville, and I can’t wait to begin writing this story. It’s scheduled for release in fall/early winter, 2014! More details to come later.

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