Fishing and chocolate chip cookies

Fishing and chocolate chip cookies? Strange mix, I know. These two topics are a part of the research I’ve been doing for my current work in progress. I hope I have you intrigued. I used to go fishing with my dad and my brother when I was a kid. I never hooked the worm (too squeamish), but I’d sit there next to my dad and my brother waiting for the fish to take the bait – literally. Was I an expert fisherwoman? Nope. Not really. I caught a few here and there, and it was thrilling at the time. I’d come home, squealing about my success to my mom, who unfortunately got stuck cleaning the fish (yuck).

Anyway, this week’s research has been an interesting mix of discoveries. I’ve learned about fishing with a bow and arrow, which takes precision (obviously) and skill. I’ve only fished with a fishing pole. I can’t even fathom fishing with a bow and arrow. Legolas I’m not.  I’d end up shooting my toe by accident.

I’ve also discovered when the chocolate chip cookie was first invented. I won’t bore you with the details of when/where/what, etc. But gosh, what on Earth did people eat for dessert before the chocolate chip cookie (lol)? Okay, I know, they ate cakes and other sweets. But really? No chocolate chip cookie? It’s the essence of all desserts.

I’m enjoying doing all of this research for this book. I’m learning a lot of random factoids that I like spewing out any chance I can. And, I have even more research to do. Who knows what next week’s topics will be? Ellie, my main character, is spunky and has a lot to say. She’s quite the young woman and I can’t wait to finish this book so you can meet her.