Connecting without a Facebook Fan Page

Not long ago there was this social media site called Facebook that was really cool. People from all around the world could “talk” to each other. They could share pictures and stories about their lives. It was an author’s dream. Then this social media site changed. Posts and pictures seemed to get lost in some land of oblivion unless $ was spent. This author (points to self) began noticing dwindling interaction. No one was commenting. No one was seeing posts. Crickets.And now Facebook is making more changes, which will make it even more difficult for fans to see posts about my books. Heck, even if I want to post a cute picture of my dog it may not even get seen. (And no one should miss out on that!)

So here’s the deal: You won’t be able to see a new book release post because it will be considered “advertising” by Facebook. Call me a dippidy-doo but isn’t that why Facebook fan pages started? A business could have a page at no cost to them and people would “like it” so that they could see the latest news about that particular business. I know I used to follow a gazillion pages because I wanted to see these kind of updates. That’s part of social media, right?

This makes me sad. Why? Because I like connecting with you. I like interacting with you. A one-way conversation is never fun, is it? We’ve all been in a situation with someone you’re struggling to make a conversation with. You’ll take about anything just to keep the conversation flowing. That’s how it’s been on Facebook lately – tapping on my microphone and saying “Can you hear me?”

Staying in touch is important to me. I want us to be able to have a 2-way conversation. I’d like y’all to know what I’m writing and what books are in the works and scheduled for release.

So here’s what you can to stay in touch: Friend me on Facebook right here.  I’m also on Instagram (they’re owned by Facebook, so this too could change) and my handle is @writermccrimmon. Let’s follow each other. (You will be subjected to pictures of my cute dog). I’m also on Twitter at @smccrimmon1  And, I write a monthly newsletter. Sign up here: Or, we can correspond (reminiscent of Dickens) via email. My email address is

Either way, I don’t want to lose touch with you!