Who am I?

I currently live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband and toy poodle. I love to write. It’s as natural as breathing and satisfies me. I can’t imagine living my life without being able to express myself this way.

Some of My Favorite Things

Drinking Earl Grey Tea

Watching movies. Psst: Dirty Dancing and Pride and Prejudice are some of my favorites.

Driving on 2-lane country roads with the windows down and the stereo blaring great music

Spending time with my husband and dog

Interesting Things About Me

I am a Sci-fi geek.

My favorite genre to read is Young Adult. I’m a kid at heart.

The first book to make me cry was Gone With The Wind.

I wrote my first story when I was six-years-old. It was about a girl who liked to roller skate and had ring around the collar.

For every novel I write, I create a playlist. Music helps inspire me