July, 2012

All Things Coca Cola

If you didn’t already know, I love Coca Cola, a.k.a. Coke or CoCola. In the south, you don’t call it soda, you call it Coke. That’s the chosen beverage above all the rest. Read more →

What’s on your desk?

This is an example of what sits on my desk. I’d show you the rest of my desk but the big stack of papers and overall mess may frighten you. I’m not that tidy. All I need when I’m working is a place to type, a comfortable chair and some cool things to look at.  Read more →

Diners = Heaven

I love diners. It’s that feel of nostalgia they give you, like you’re stepping back in time sitting in a booth across from your honey sharing the same milkshake. There’s so much to love from the red glittery booths and bar stools, to the black and white checkered floors, and of course, the juke box that plays nothing but old tunes. I recently found this gem in Franklin, NC. Read more →