June, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Okay, that’s an old song, but I love it. (80’s enthusiasts, you should get that Will Smith reference – before he became a big movie star). I’m like a giddy little kid during the summer. I love traipsing around in my old flip flops, wearing tank tops and cut off shorts, and sipping on iced tea. It’s the time to be casual, to relax, to embrace the heat. It’s my time to take a long walk in the early part of morning, or sit outside at night and watch the fireflies light up my backyard.

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Books that Change Your Life

Have you ever read a book and thought about it for days? Was it the type of book that left you in tears, frustrated, happy, mad, or maybe a mix of all of these emotions? I read Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell when I was fourteen years old. Thanks to my mom’s quirky addiction to all things Gone with the Wind –which included countless forced viewings of the Read more →

What Inspires Me…

A host of things inspire me when I write: music; people; places; art; sounds; smells; drives on two-lane country roads. I can hear a tune and instantly be inspired to write a chapter of dialogue between two characters. When I hear music, I make up a scene and place it to a specific character. In my world, each and every character has their own music. Music is such an integral part of my life – it should be important for my characters, too.

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Earl Grey Tea with Honey and Cream Please

If I were only allowed one hot liquid the rest of my life it would be Earl Grey tea with honey and cream. I get a lot of odd looks from people when I add the white stuff to my tea, but I can’t imagine drinking it any other way. When I was growing up, my mother would make hot tea with one cup of sugar and a lot of evaporated milk (we all have a sweet tooth in my family). I remember drinking the sweet, hot liquid – the taste of sugar lingering in my mouth. When I needed comforting, she made the tea and we would drink it together in solidarity.

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